We are committed to meaningful and open dialogue with neighbours and communities near the project, local Indigenous peoples and other stakeholders.

Community Liaison Committee

A Community Liaison Committee (CLC) was established in November 2015, and is working as an advisory committee, providing practical advice and feedback on Alton’s activities. The committee meets regularly and includes representatives of local government, landowners, business and community members. We follow the Nova Scotia Department of the Environment’s guideline for CLCs.

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Indigenous relations

We are committed to building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with Indigenous communities that recognize and respect Indigenous and Treaty rights, individual values and traditions.

Community investment

We support non-profit organizations, projects and initiatives that help build and enhance the community. We look to create shared value through mutually beneficial partnerships with community organizations concentrating on our three core areas: Healthy and Safe Communities, Bright Futures and Environmental Champions.

Natural gas is a flow through cost to Nova Scotia consumers

This means it is not marked up by the distributor. Local natural gas storage will result in lower natural gas prices for consumers.

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