How does Alton give back to the community?

At Alton Natural Gas Storage we’ve supported non-profit organizations, projects and initiatives that help build and enhance the community. Building strong relationships in the communities where Alton employees live and work has been important to us. Our partnerships have concentrated on our three core areas: Healthy and Safe Communities, Bright Futures and Environmental Champions.

Have you been meeting with the community?

Alton has been participating at community meetings and events as well as meeting with local stakeholders to share information on the project and answer questions.

Our engagement includes meetings with government at all levels, with the Mi’kmaq of Nova Scotia and with groups and organizations near our work sites.

Alton established a Community Liaison Committee in November 2015 and it is working as an advisory committee.

Why not sell the brine or find another use for it?

Several alternatives for the brine were considered, including underground injection of the brine, selling brine to salt producers, supplying brine for winter maintenance of roads and producing salt. Following discussions with several third parties, including salt producers and the Nova Scotia Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, these commercial options were not found to be feasible as a brine disposal option. As part of Alton's hydrocarbon storage-area lease with the Province of Nova Scotia, we are currently not permitted to trade, sell or give away the salt. We are willing to work with the provincial government should a feasible alternative use for the brine be identified.