Protecting the environment is a core value of Alton Natural Gas Storage LP. Our environmental management policy ensures our operations respect the environment, and the project has completed two comprehensive environmental impact assessments.

These assessments resulted in the necessary approvals, permits and conditions to proceed with construction. Expert onsite environmental monitoring is also in place to ensure environmental controls are implemented and sound sustainability practices are followed.

Following extensive studies and consultation, Nova Scotia Environment issued two Environmental Assessment (EA) approvals for the project. In December 2007, the Alton Underground Gas Storage facility was approved and in May 2013, the Alton Gas Pipeline was approved.

On January 21, 2016 the Government of Nova Scotia announced regulatory approvals for the Alton Natural Gas Storage, including an industrial approval to operate the brine storage pond. Following thorough scientific assessment and extensive consultation, government determined the project is safe and does not threaten the environment.

More information can be viewed here, including a copy of the industrial approval, project monitoring, and aquatic species monitoring plans, as well as Environmental Assessment documents: