The health and safety of our people and the public and the protection of the environment are top priorities for Alton Natural Gas Storage.

Alton sites are work areas.  Alton sites are open only to Alton staff and to approved contractors. Trespassing on the sites is strictly prohibited. Signage at the sites shares this information with the public.

Storage cavern safety
Historically, storing hydrocarbons in salt caverns and underground formations has been the safest and most secure method of storage. Underground natural gas facilities are a proven technology with a solid safety record. These caverns are deep in the ground and provide a solid enclosure for natural gas. There is no oxygen in these caverns, making them a stable and safe location to store natural gas.

One of the most significant factors contributing to the safety of cavern storage in Canada is the mandatory requirement by all Canadian jurisdictions that design and operation of cavern storage facilities conform to the requirements of CSA Standard Z341, Storage of Hydrocarbons in Underground Formations. Alton Natural Gas Storage will meet or exceed the requirements of CSA Z341 and all Nova Scotia regulations. There are salt caverns in Alberta and Saskatchewan that have been operating safely and date back almost 60 years.

Community safety
Read about Alton's donation of a rescue boat to the Stewiacke and District Volunteer Fire Department.

For more information on Safety, please see our Safety FAQs.