Injunction update

Nova Scotia’s energy mix is changing, and natural gas plays an increasingly important role. It helps power our businesses and warms our homes – all while lowering emissions by displacing higher carbon fuels like fuel oil and coal.

In fact, many of the province’s largest employers use natural gas every day to fuel their work, as do industries and public institutions like hospitals and universities plus thousands of homeowners. With Nova Scotia’s remaining supply of offshore natural gas shut down last year, access to a reliable source of natural gas during the winter is important to keep energy costs affordable.

Safe, economical and reliable natural gas stored deep underground at Alton is a part of the solution.

We have worked very hard to bring Alton to fruition, undertaking environmental assessments and scientific studies. As well, a separate, independent review of the project was Mi’kmaq-led. We have and will continue to engage with our neighbours, partners and those who have important questions about the environment or our approach.

After Alton attempted to pursue other options, we applied to the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia for an injunction to ensure we have safe, unobstructed access to our work site. The Court granted an injunction on this matter on March 18, and issued an Order on March 27.

The decision by the Court means people trespassing, including those named in the injunction and others having notice of the Order, must leave or go to the protest area. Moving forward, access to the work site is open only to approved Alton staff and contractors.

We are setting up a separate area for peaceful protest that will be clearly marked.

You can read the injunction decision and the Order from the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia on the Alton website. Signage that includes a copy of the Order will also be posted at the Alton work site.

The Shubenacadie River estuary is at the centre of Nova Scotia’s history, culture and geography. As a member of the river community, we take our duty to operate responsibly very seriously.

We are committed to continuing to work with local Mi’kmaq communities and engage with our neighbours, partners and all levels of government to progress this important project.

As always, we welcome your questions, input and feedback, which can be sent to: [email protected].

We also encourage members of the public to review the materials and information shared on the Alton website,

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