Striped bass study results

Posted on July 17, 2018

The results from a first round of laboratory tests show Striped bass are very salinity tolerant. The testing is part of the environmental monitoring program for the Alton Natural Gas Storage Project.

Striped bass salinity testing is not required to start until brining begins to create the natural gas storage caverns at Alton. However, a first round of tests was completed in 2016-2017 and will continue this year to further build scientific knowledge.  The extra testing in advance of brining will help identify any potential impacts on Striped bass, and confirm the testing process. 

The test results show that with project safeguards in place as planned, the brining process is unlikely to impact Striped bass in the area.

The test protocol was discussed as part of the third-party review of the project in 2015-2016 among representatives from the Mi’kmaq of Nova Scotia, provincial and federal governments, expert consultants and Alton.

Read the summary of the test results.

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