Fish of the Day – Atlantic tomcod

Posted on September 04, 2018

From time to time, members of the public ask if Alton has researched the many fish species in the Shubenacadie River estuary. 

Detailed fact sheets on the Alton website describe research on twenty fish species, representing all levels of the food web, including Atlantic salmon, Atlantic tomcod, Striped bass, Atlantic sturgeon and American eel.  

The fact sheets were developed by Dalhousie University with input from Alton consultants and reviewed by a multi-party working group including federal and provincial departments and representatives of the Mi’kmaq of Nova Scotia.    

Each fact sheet explores the biology and life-cycle of the fish, habitat, findings of the Alton Gas surveys from 2008-2015, the implications of the Alton Gas project on the fish, life stage salinity tolerances and references for further reading.  

Today’s update shares information from the fact sheets on Atlantic tomcod, or Tommy cod. Highlights about Atlantic tomcod:     


To read the full text on Atlantic tomcod, see pages 16-18 in the detailed fish fact sheets. To learn more about the Alton project visit, where you also can read the questions and answers in the Fish and Water section of the FAQ.