Natural gas report

Posted on October 30, 2017

The Canadian Gas Association has published a new report on Canada’s natural gas market ahead of the upcoming heating season.

The report projects that this winter the Canadian natural gas market is expected to remain well supplied and affordable. The report notes that across Canada, new customers continue to join the country’s natural gas system to take advantage of the benefits of natural gas, particularly as a heating option. More than 6.2 million households in Canada use natural gas as their primary heating source, more than electricity, heating oil or propane.

Natural gas storage helps utilities meet demand and deliver the energy needed to heat homes, businesses and institutions. The Alton Natural Gas Storage Project near Stewiacke, NS will store natural gas about one kilometer underground in salt caverns. Storing natural gas in Nova Scotia will help ensure more supply is available for natural gas customers here.

View the report on the Canadian Gas Association website.  

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