Safety is Alton’s Top Priority

Posted on April 29, 2016

Stewiacke, Nova Scotia (April 28, 2016)              

Alton Natural Gas Storage (Alton) is taking every precaution to ensure the health and safety of everyone near its work site by the Shubenacadie River. As workers will be present conducting facility upgrades and maintenance, Alton has installed a wire fence on the dike surrounding the mixing channel to ensure not only the safety of its employees and contractors but the safety of community members as well.

Alton has ensured that the fencing does not obstruct public access to the river.

Alton understands the importance of fishing in the surrounding area and the fence creates a safe work site while respecting the rights of everyone to use the river.

Proposed amendments to Nova Scotia’s Occupational Health and Safety Act reinforce the need for employers to ensure the health and safety of everyone. This is Alton’s top priority.

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To help meet the increasing demand for affordable natural gas year-round in Nova Scotia and to support the demand for clean, reliable energy, Alton Natural Gas Storage L.P. is developing an underground natural gas storage facility and associated pipelines in the Stewiacke Salt Formation near Alton, Nova Scotia. The new gas storage facility will help stabilize Nova Scotia’s natural gas costs year-round by storing the gas in the summer months when the demand is low and withdrawing the gas in the colder winter months, when the demand is high. For more information, visit

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