Alton Natural Gas Storage L.P. response to Highway 102 slowdown

Posted on May 28, 2016

Stewiacke, Nova Scotia (May 28, 2016)             

Alton Natural Gas Storage L.P. (Alton) recognizes the rights of stakeholders to express their opinions and hold peaceful demonstrations.

We have worked hard to engage stakeholders about Alton, a Project to build underground natural gas storage caverns near Stewiacke to help provide Nova Scotians with affordable, reliable natural gas year round.

It is unfortunate that today’s demonstration inconvenienced the travelling public on Highway 102. We prefer to engage with stakeholders in a respectful manner that acknowledges differing opinions but works toward shared solutions.

Since 2006 we have been meeting with landowners, community members, government and the Mi’kmaq. We will continue to engage with stakeholders to discuss and share information about Alton as the Project progresses.

Protecting the environment is a core value of Alton. We too are part of the Shubenacadie River community and we are committed to protecting this beautiful waterway, its fish and fish habitat. Alton has received all environmental approvals to proceed, including an independent third-party science review.

Alton creates significant benefits for the province including jobs, tax revenues and reliable natural gas supply. It is also estimated that Nova Scotia consumers of natural gas will save approximately $17 million per year in natural gas costs once the project is commissioned.

Natural gas and natural gas storage have an important role to play in Nova Scotia’s energy future. Salt caverns for natural gas storage are a proven and safe system for storing natural gas. We commit to continuing our open dialogue with stakeholders about Alton, the Project’s environmental and safety safeguards, and opportunities Alton presents.

About Alton Natural Gas Storage L.P.

To help meet the increasing demand for affordable natural gas year-round in Nova Scotia and to support the demand for clean, reliable energy, Alton Natural Gas Storage L.P. is developing an underground natural gas storage facility and associated pipelines in the Stewiacke Salt Formation near Alton, Nova Scotia. The new gas storage facility will help stabilize Nova Scotia’s natural gas costs year-round by storing the gas in the summer months when the demand is low and withdrawing the gas in the colder winter months, when the demand is high. For more information, visit

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