Alton construction update (Stewiacke, NS)

Posted on September 02, 2016

The Alton Natural Gas Storage Project provides the following update on planned construction along the northern portion of the dike this summer at Alton’s river site.

For public safety reasons, we temporarily restricted access along the northern portion of the dike starting August 25th to conduct civil construction work. The Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture required Alton to raise the height of the dike by 18 inches along the river site. The higher dike will provide enhanced flood protection.

While we anticipated restrictions to be in place at this site until mid-September, the weather cooperated to help advance construction more quickly, so this section of the dike is no longer an active construction site.

Though active construction has ended along this northern portion and the access restriction has been lifted, natural hazards exist and caution should be exercised. As well the northern dike area has been hydroseeded and will require a few weeks for regrowth to become established.

Work still continues within other marked and/or fenced areas of Alton’s work sites such as the channel. These areas remain active construction sites where entry continues to be restricted.

For more information on summer construction at Alton, please see our July community newsletter.

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