Project Update

Posted on November 28, 2014

Alton Natural Gas Storage is taking steps to increase communications and engagement with the local community and Aboriginal peoples regarding our underground natural gas storage facility in Alton, Colchester County, Nova Scotia.

In addition to ongoing meetings and discussions with community members, Aboriginal peoples and the Province of Nova Scotia, we are in the process of establishing a Community Liaison Committee (CLC), have launched this new informative website ( that will continue to expand with more content and information in the coming weeks, and are distributing a Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ) document to communities in the vicinity of the project.

We are committed to working with the Province of Nova Scotia, Aboriginal peoples and the local community to advance the Alton Natural Gas Project in a manner that achieves economic, business, community and social benefit for Nova Scotia.

The FAQ we have developed answers many of the questions we have received during our meetings and discussions with stakeholders. Click here to view the FAQ. We hope answers to your questions are included in the FAQ, but if you have additional questions about the project please contact us at or (902) 639-0092.

We hope that establishing a CLC, new website and FAQ will play important roles in ensuring interested parties are receiving the necessary information to better inform them about the project and allow them to have their questions answered.

Public Forum

We are aware of a public forum taking place on Nov. 30 in opposition to the Alton Natural Gas Storage project. It is our understanding that the forum is being organized by the Council of Canadians and some community members.

Alton Natural Gas Storage has not received an invitation to attend this meeting, and therefore will not be in attendance to provide information on the project or answer questions.

If you have questions about the project, please visit our website or contact us at or (902) 639-0092.

Media Contact

Media who have questions about the project can call the media line, (403) 691-7197.

David Birkett
Alton Natural Gas Storage

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