Alton news release

Posted on September 28, 2014

Stewiacke – Alton Natural Gas Storage continues to respect safety and the environment in all aspects of the company's $100 million project in Colchester County.

The project will create jobs, bring natural gas closer to communities in Colchester County, stabilize natural gas prices for Nova Scotians, help more customers convert to cleaner natural gas from fuel oil and contribute to the overall economic growth of the Province.

"Safety and environmental sustainability are core values of Alton Natural Gas Storage," said David Birkett, President of Alton Natural Gas Storage. "Our company has worked hard to bring the benefits of natural gas storage to Nova Scotians in a safe, responsible and sustainable manner."

David Birkett, President of Alton Natural Gas Storage, said the company follows rigorous environmental, health and safety standards according to regulations and oversight provided by the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board, Nova Scotia Department of Environment, Nova Scotia Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal and Canada's Department of Fisheries and Oceans.

To ensure Alton Natural Gas Storage's operations respect the integrity of the local ecosystem, the company:

Since 2006, Alton Natural Gas Storage has worked hard to stay in touch with local residents, including Mi'kmaq, about the project, hosting meetings, open houses, town halls and site visits. The company also mailed information to local residents, advertised locally about the project and personally visited those who live closest to the project. Birkett noted that more engagement with local residents, including Mi'kmaq, is planned for the weeks ahead.

"Alton Natural Gas Storage is delivering economic benefits to the local community. We want the community to be part of this project," said Birkett.

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